What’s your Score on a scale from 1 to 5?

5: Clean teeth and gums. Teeth that look like this MOVE FASTER!


4: Slightly puffy gums in the areas between teeth with little to no plaque.

NICE WORK! Slight improvements could be made, but we aren’t complaining.

3: Extra plaque hiding by the gums and brackets. The red line along the gums is a clear sign that we need to focus in those areas.

We can show you some tips.

NOTE: Your gums will bleed when you remove the soft plaque. This is good! This is how you can tell you got it all off. Now, your body can start healing.

2: Big puffy gums and a lot of plaque. This can cause permanent damage.

Call or text us right away. Our coaching team will help! We are in this together.

1: Super big gums (sometimes to the brackets) and lots of plaque on most surfaces. Tooth staining (white spots) and/or cavities are usually present but can be hard to see (until the braces are removed).

Call or text us right away. Our coaching team will help! We often remove the wires until we get your teeth and gums healthy again.

Did you score a 1 or a 2, but you aren’t a patient of ours? That’s OK. You can still enroll in our COACHING PROGRAM. Send us a message and schedule a complimentary virtual visit with our team. It’s easy and it will help.