Dr. Crowe has advanced training BEYOND orthodontics. She’s spent countless hours learning about how teeth and jaws play a role in whole body health.  It’s her passion to share this knowledge.

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  • General orthodontic consultation
  • Oral hygiene coaching and monitoring
  • Thumb sucking cessation program
  • Positive dentistry program
  • Myofunctional therapy
  • Invisalign remote monitoring
  • Interdisciplinary care consultation
  • Muscle function evaluation

Do you have an upcoming VIRTUAL APPOINTMENT with Dr. Crowe?

At your visit we will

  • check hygiene and provide coaching (as needed)
  • monitor your overall progress
  • check and modify rubber band wear (if applicable)
  • answer your questions and provide a homeschooling dental lesson
  • schedule your next visit (in the office or virtual)
  • coordinate pick up of any supplies you need

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